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Fresh Green Food and Gluten Free!

As of October 31st, 2011 we will be offering a Gluten Free Menu at all of our locations. This menu is the culmination of much research and development to remove Gluten from most of our recipes without sacrificing that great C.R.Chicks flavor. That said, C.R.Chicks is not a Gluten Free Environment. Products containing Gluten are prepared in our Kitchens and therefore we cannot guarantee 100% Gluten Free Product. With that in mind, we have taken great care to modify our menu and offer a variety of choices to those who must maintain a gluten sensitive diet. Click here to go to our Gluten Free Menu.

C.R. Chicks strives to give the highest quality freshest food for the most competitive price and we have always tried to provide the healthiest and most environmentally friendly food. From our inception we have used non chemically treated chicken raised in north Georgia. This means our chicken has never been injected or fed any hormones or chemicals. They are fed a diet of corn and soy meal. During production they are cleaned with hot water and once processed, chilled with ice cold water. Nothing else is done to interfere with the real taste of our chicken. We believe this is the reason people love our chicken. It is real chicken.

We now recycle bottles and cans in each of our Restaurants. It cost each store $35/ Month to offer this service through Republic Services, however we feel it is a small price to pay to conserve Earth's future. Please help us by using the bottle/ can recycling bin in our stores

We make all of our other menu items the old fashioned way, from scratch. None of our food is made with any processed food. We are looking into providing environmentally friendly disposable plates and utensils. When we accomplish this task we will publsh this achievement here and in the stores

Our goal is to exceed not only our guest’s expectations, but also the world's expectations and leave a better place for our children’s children to live.

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